Калина Борисова ФОТО

Kalina Borisova PHOTO

Memories are everything.
A good photographer must be able to gather all his skill in the face of the flying reality. To be able to seal the moment, enclose the emotion in a rectangular frame and bequeath it to the future.
This is basically our job.
I’m Kalina. Photography entered my life 30 years ago, when the most magical thing was how an image appeared on the white sheet in the dark room. Today, a photo can be shared instantly with thousands of people.
That’s why I like to say that my profession is an impressive combination of art and technology.
Five years ago, my partner in life Boris joined the studio. As a team, we help and complement each other successfully. Team work enriches and expands our possibilities.
The focus of our daily work is family photography – family, children’s photo sessions, pregnant, newborns, weddings, pets – both studio and reportage photos/events, birthdays, celebrations/.
Subject, fashion and art photography is also present in our practice.
We rest when we travel, but we never leave our tech at home. We photograph the places and people we visit. People know us as active and alert. We keep searching and discovering.
You could say that photography has become a way of life for us.